The Best Textured Exterior Wall Coatings & Weatherproof Masonry Paints

Climatised Coatings (UK) Ltd

Climatised Coatings has been in the business of transforming domestic and commercial properties using textured exterior wall coatings for over 35 years, and operates right throughout the UK. Many of our customers say that our treatments are some of the best weatherproof masonry paints and textured wall coatings on the market.

Our customers include Local Authorities, Government Departments, Hotels, Banks and Factories as well as domestic properties. Several leading architects and property developers regularly employ our services.

All textured exterior wall coatings by Climatised Coatings are done in eight stages, with preliminary repairs made before the surfaces are primed. Within 20 minutes, our masonry coatings and textured wall coatings are showerproof then dry to the touch within 24 hours. Our treatments come in 12 different colours with transparent coatings (‘Clearcoat’) available.

Each of our textured coatings is guaranteed for 10 years against chipping, flaking or peeling. As proof of the strength of our textured wall coatings and masonry coatings, our transparent coating, ‘Clearcoat’ has seen use on sea walls, lighthouses, windmills and water pumping stations.

Our fully-trained staff handles every stage of the work from start to finish. We do not employ sub-contractors and all of our work is guaranteed by us for 10 years.

As a testament to our expertise with textured exterior wall coatings and weatherproof masonry paints, we have won glowing endorsements by landowners, and public and private sector bodies.

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