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Climatised Coatings will enhance the appearance of your property and protect it for up to 30 years - no more repainting every few years. They carry a 10 year guarantee against chipping, flaking or peeling and are tough enough to withstand steam cleaning.

Climatised Coatings are a range of thick film textured coating systems for external protection, repair and decoration. Twenty times the thickness of ordinary paint and applied using high pressure, heavy duty spraying equipment, the range provides surfaces that are tough, durable, insulating, highly decorative and weatherproof.

Climatised Coatings combine mineral fibres, pearlite, titanium dioxide and oxidide pigments. They also contain specially prepared additives to eliminate fungus, mildew and other noxious growths on three high quality resins. They let the building breath and are not affected by acid rain or a salt laden atmosphere.

Climatised Coatings prevent penetrating damp and are continually monitored and updated to provide a superior finish for all types of construction. They have an excellent adhesion, colour retention and resistance to carbon dioxide penetration, thus protecting concrete as well as stone and brick buildings.

Climatised Coatings also include Clear Coat, a transparent, invisible coating for brickwork, masonry and roofs, offering the same protection from the elements as our coloured coatings. It prevents bricks absorbing water then "bursting" when it freezes. It also protects your pointing. Clear Coat has even been used to protect sea walls, lighthouses, windmills and water pumping stations.

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